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Founded in 2023, Struggle & Style is an in-house barbershop and the operational site for The Beard Struggle in Vancouver, Canada.

Mikey Sbeih (Head Barber) and Faiysal Kothiwala (Chief Bearded Officer of The Beard Struggle) joined forces to create an establishment that offers exemplary service, top quality products, and a kick-ass grooming experience for men like you.


Mikey Sbeih

For two decades, Mikey Sbeih has journeyed from the vibrant streets of Beirut, Lebanon, carving a distinctive trail to such diverse cities as the rhythmic heart of Chile, the bustling motor city of Detroit, Michigan, the culturally rich Santiago, planting roots in the scenic charm of Vancouver, Canada.

Throughout his global voyage, Mikey has skillfully etched his name in the chronicles of barbering, firmly establishing himself as a maestro of classic cuts, fades, and beard grooming.



Meet Alexandre, a New Jersey native whose passion for barbering transcends mere haircuts. For him, it's an art form and a way to express himself. Al's dedication to quality and his love for every aspect of cutting hair set him apart. He's not just a barber; he's a confidante and friend to those in his chair.

In Al's space, conversations flow as freely as his buzzer, creating a haven of positivity and trust. He believes in the transformative power of connection, making each visit about more than just a haircut. With Al, you find a listener, an advisor, and a welcoming space for open hearts.


Faiysal Kothiwala

Journeying beyond the boundaries of mere facial hair, Faiysal Kothiwala, the dynamic CEO of The Beard Struggle, is a titan of tenacity, transforming abstract thoughts into tangible realities. It all began under the humble roof of his parents' garage, Faiysal dared to dream big, ditch his 9 to 5, and set sail on creating the best all-natural beard grooming essentials for men.

Spurred on by sheer determination and resilience, Faiysal breathed life into his dream, culminating in the evolution of his venture, The Beard Struggle. Today, it stands as a multi-million dollar empire, majestically stretching its roots from the picturesque landscape of Vancouver, Canada, to the historic lands in the United Kingdom, and now, with Struggle & Style.

Struggle & Style isn't just another barbershop...
It's ahotspot - located at 8385 St. George Street, Unit 6, Vancouver, B.C.

where we redefine men's grooming,
& you walk away with a signature look!

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The moment you set foot inside, the ambience sets the tone for you to relax, sit back, and enjoy a superior grooming experience.


MONDAY - FRIDAY: 10am - 7pm

SATURDAY: 10am - 6pm

SUNDAY: Closed


8385 St. George Street, Unit 6, Vancouver, B.C. Canada

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